To ensure full reproducibility of your project, please try to set up a GitHub Actions CI as your continuous integration service. An introductory tutorial for conda and GitHub Actions is provided here. While not at all mandatory, setting up a proper continuous integration workflow is an extra credit that can improve the final grade.

In some cases you might not be able to run parts of your code on GitHub Actions CI as, for example, the computation of results takes multiple hours. In those cases you can add the result in a file to your repository and load it in the notebook. See below for an example code.

# If we are running on GitHub Actions CI we will simply load a file with existing results.

if os.environ.get("CI") == "true":
    rslt = pkl.load(open("stored_results.pkl", "br"))
    rslt = compute_results()

# Now we are ready for further processing.

However, if you decide to do so, please be sure to provide an explanation in your notebook explaining why exactly this is required in your case.