Do we need to report on the progress of our project?

Yes, I will frequently select a student project at random to report on their current state at the end of a lecture.

Why are the projects public?

Transparency and reproducibility is a core value in research. Also, we want to learn from each other.

How can I initialize the repository for my student project?

Please just follow this invitation link.

Can we work in groups?

No, everybody has to work on their own project.

Do I get any extra credit for ensuring full reproducibility of my project using GitHub Actions?

Yes, everybody who successfully sets up a continuous integration workflow will get an extra bump in their grade.

Where can I look for publications that provide the data behind their research?

Some journals provide the data for their published articles as data supplements directly on their website. In addition, the Replication Wiki and the Harvard Dataverse compile a lot such information.

What are other useful resources for research data?

There is a tremendous amount of data available online. For example, MDRC provides a host of data files for public use here from the evaluation of public policy initiatives. More generally, Google Dataset Search allows to look for all kinds of online data.